[r-t] The finest unrung treble dodging royal and max methods known to humanity?

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Jul 4 08:55:35 UTC 2005

"'Snow Tigress' - unrung - but one of MBD's"

Flaming Nora! Where has this been published before?

"&3-5.4-5-3-2-1-E-0-8-9.8-0.E,2 142638507T9E B2c  230 <4-runs>
Snow Tiger Delight - already named"

Flaming Nora again.  I was checking whether methods were named against
the list of rung surprise, not delight. Schoolboy error. I'm deeply
depressed again. Talk about all good ideas having already gone.  

Looking into it, why has Snow Tiger only ever been rung 7 times?  This
makes it considerably less popular than Pudsey max! There have also been
23 peals of Avon since Snow Tiger was first rung in 1999.  The two
methods have some similarities - a band that can ring one can easily
ring the other. A sad indictment of ringers.


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