[r-t] Re: The finest unrung treble dodging royal and max

Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 12:04:50 UTC 2005

For a more interesting leadhead order, how about: j x5x4.5x2.3.2x9.8.9x6.7x6x1 
- although I guess someone's probably beat me to that one?
I suppose one of the other reasons methods like this (& Snow Tiger) aren't rung more is because of the 09's/TE's at backstroke which so many people still seem to have a problem with.
To be fair, ST is f-group, which is not the most fashionable of leadheads,
and doesn't lend itself to short peals very neatly. (I've always thought it
would be fantastic in spliced, mind). I did have a few other
"super-coursing" methods with more interesting leadhead orders, but I've
never got round to pealing them. Is it worth the effort I ask myself now.


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