[r-t] The finest unrung treble dodging royal and max

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Jul 18 20:19:19 UTC 2005

Glenn Taylor writes,

> Methinks the name might not help...makes it sound like a "novelty"
> method.

I chose the name quite carefully as part of the marketing exercise - I
wanted to make it sound exciting and different. Most people seemed to like
it; I think yours is the first really negative comment I've had. But there
you are, you're never going to please everyone. Some people don't like the
TEs at backstroke, either - I ask you!

Big JT writes,

> I've only rung one peal of Pudsey and will never ring it
> again whislt i still have the will to live.

Really? It's not that bad, is it? A bit like slightly watered-down
Yorkshire. Let's face it, right-place Surprise Maximus is never going to set
the world on fire, but there's decent music to be had in Pudsey.

When (if!) I get back into peal-ringing I'll be very happy to come out and
ring another Snow Tiger with you John.

To get back on topic a bit, here's a selection of unrung methods that either
preceded or grew out of the Snow Tiger theme.

Super-coursers discovered during the Snow Tiger search:

Aotearoa Delight
-5-4.5-2.3-2-1-e-0.e-8.9-8-e lh 12
(Also good with 1t lh & hl; above or below work pairs neatly with Snow Tiger
to form various hybrids)

Neutron Star Delight
-345-4.5.2-1-78-58-56-1-E.8.9-890-E lh 12

Binary Star Delight
34-34.1-567-36.7.34-1-90.6.70-678-1.90-90.E lh 12

Both Neutron Star and Binary Star have the property that the entire plain
course of Plain Bob Max is contained within their plain courses. This idea
actually works most neatly on 16:

Sweet Sixteen Delight Sixteen
-347-4.7.2-1-478. lh 1d

There was another super-courser called Black Pearl, but I seem to have
misplaced the figures. Bother.

Finally, some pseudo extensions of the (Royal) Pooh methods:

Jennie's Endeavour extended:
3-5.4-5-3-34-5-6-7.6-6.9.8-0.E lh12

Raspberry Crumble-ish:
3-5.4-5-3-34-58.69- lh 12

Red Dressing Gown-esque:
3-5.4-5-1T-4-5.4-4.70.6-8.9-90-1 lh 12


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