[r-t] Re: Extent of Cambridge-over minor methods

John Warboys john.warboys at lineone.net
Thu Jun 23 19:52:46 UTC 2005

PABS wrote:

> Can the same courses be used with Carlisle backwork to give an extent in
>  nine methods (i.e. excluding Northumberland and Whitley)? If not, why

The following appears on my website as the 2nd half of a 1440.  This was
produced quite a long time ago now and I can't remember if I was unable to
get a block starting and ending in rounds or if I was deliberately looking
to get from 45362 to 23456.

  45362  Ch Ch Mo Sa Cl
- 23456  Mu
- 23564  Mu Cl
- 36452  Ct Sa
- 36524  Wo Nw Cl Ct Sa
- 24536  Wo Nw Cl
- 43652  Sa Cl
- 64352  Ch Ch Ch
- 52364  Ch Ak Mu
- 35264  Mu Mu Mu Cl


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