[r-t] Monday afternoon puzzle

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Wed Jun 29 13:14:06 UTC 2005

Philip "Four-Runs" Earis wrote:

> There's more to music than <4-runs> you
> know, Richard - your 'tastes' require everything to be so obvious and in
> your face.

Excuse me!  I've been saying more or less that for years.
I even quite like the 09xxETs you get off the front in the
5th, 6th and 7th leads of Cambridge Max.

> But as you say, that's a bit gash, boy. Some far more elegant
> possibilities exist, such as the neat:
> &-5-4-5-3-2-8-56.2.3-2-9,2 1089674523 1 AB2D2a1c
> &-5-4-5-3-2-8-56.2.3-2-1,2 1352749608 1 AB2D2a1c

Yeah.  That's a lot better.

> Loads more possibilities on a similar plan must be around.  I'll have a
> proper look sometime. Is it possible to get the trick effect on ten
> bells with a right-place method, I wonder?

It certainly isn't if you just want quadruple changes (i.e.
only two places in any given change).


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