[r-t] Monday afternoon puzzle

David Sullivan david_vince_sullivan at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 11:31:54 UTC 2005

xyz writes:
>That was fascinating. Maybe we should have afternoon puzzles 
>on every day of the week!

Indeed. I've been sort of wondering for decades why it worked
with Cambridge Minor's irregular half leads. I'd assumed that 
it worked on six as there were so few bells that it was some 
sort of special case, and that it wouldn't work on higher numbers.

>There's more to music than <4-runs> you know, Richard - your 
>'tastes' require everything to be so obvious and in your face.

Although I believe I might just have detected a hint of irony
here, there's got to be an element of truth in this. Who wants
to live entirely on a diet of lollipops? (Answer: someone who 
drinks alcopops)  :-) 
A lot of the pleasure in ringing seems to me to come from the 
"tune" (also called "flow"). Is there any objective way of
determining whether a given method has a better "flow" than 


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