[r-t] RE: poole the other one

Andrew Tibbetts ajwxyzt at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 16:35:10 UTC 2005

>you seem to spend a lot of time doing something you regard as 'shit',

if you enjoy what you ring even half as much as i do, you deserve and duly 
receive my respect. for me, handbell ringing is more than just ringing; it's 
on a higher plane of enlightenemnt, it's a drug. unfortunately most shots 
only last about 85 minutes.

it's amazing how many different ends of the ringing stick people can find to 
grab without ever managing to find the right one. i'm sure most of the time 
they just do it on purpose ;-)

i don't ring, i enjoy. i am (somewhat unsuccessfully) trying to be careful 
not to fall into the trap of saying that just because i find tower bell 
ringing excruciatingly boring that everybody else should stop too. get on 
with what you enjoy and leave other people to go about doing what they 

everything is relative mr poole, and, rest assured, in ten months' time 
handbells will become relatively shit as well.

maybe if i'd kept taking my ringing prozium (seen equilibrium?) i'd be happy 
as part of the system. fortunately i missed a dose.

have fun

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