[r-t] Method difficulty

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sun Mar 13 15:09:59 UTC 2005

MDB wrote:

> Academic, really, as I don't think the method [Cambridge] gets
> rung these days on higher numbers, does it. :-O

Although you may wish this to be the case Mark, the facts (from pealbase)
don't support your assertion. Cambridge is the most popular Maximus method
in tower and hand, although Bristol is close on its heels. On the other hand
Yorkshire seems to be dying - there hasn't been a handbell peal of it since
September 2003 and it is well behind both Cambridge and Bristol on

1985+  2004  Maximus on towerbells
1102     67  Cambridge
 999     67  Bristol 
 828     37  Yorkshire

1985+  2004  Maximus on handbells
 116      7  Cambridge 
  92      2  Bristol
  29      0  Yorkshire


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