[r-t] Cyclic principles

Rebecca Cox r.j.cox at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 6 22:20:42 UTC 2005

We've rung courses of a cyclic major principle at Backwell practices (and elsewhere) over the last year which, I think, meets all three of Graham's criteria. The method is 
58-58.14-58-(36)-14-58.14-14 le 23456781, bob 38 for (36) 
The method is a padded-out version of Winter and a lead is the first 15 rows of Lancashire S. 

This is an excellent practice night method as it is a nice length (120), interesting, musical and different (odd number of changes per lead) but with a relatively simple structure. There's even an odd 87 in the plain course. 

Musical peal compositions are available using just bobs, although to get all 5678s, 6578s, 8765 and 8756s at the front and back a different start is needed (call at end of lead). 

Tony Cox
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