[r-t] Cyclic principles

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat May 7 21:53:19 UTC 2005

Tony wrote:

> ... a lead is the first 15 rows of Lancashire S. 

It does seem that taking a a half-lead of a hunter and converting it into a
principle is one of the most successful ways of providing a line which is
interesting but still has some recognisable structure. 

It is also noticeable that many named even bell principles with longer
divisions (i.e. in categories 2 & 3 below) have this feature:-

1. Short division simple principles

Original, Forward, Duffield, MUG, Heywood, Handsworth, Aston, Mercury

2. Based on a plain method structure

Winter, Rapid Wrap Major; Linkenholt Royal; Rapid Wrap Maximus

3. Based on a TD method structure

AJC's, Shilton, Bristol Wrap Major; Pooley's Spinning Royal; Quasar, Orion

4. The remainder

Caversham, Shipway, St Columb, Easton Neston, Isis Major; Shipway Royal


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