[r-t] IMPORTANT. Warning of bogus messages

Admin admin at bellringers.org
Wed Nov 16 12:19:36 UTC 2005

Someone is using the bellringers.net domain name to send bogus
messages. These threaten the recipient with closure of subscription,
or purport to give information about a subscription. They tell the
recipient to open an attached .zip file. This is likely to contain
some sort of virus or spyware (I haven't investigated, for fear of
bringing trouble).

Subject headers include 'Important Notification', 'Members Support'
and 'You have successfully updated your password'. There may be

The messages are signed 'The Bellringers Support Team'.

The messages do not specifically refer to any of the e-mail lists, but
only to bellringers.net.

As far as I am aware, these messages have not been sent to anyone on
the address lists of change-ringers, ringing-chat or ringing-theory. I
am reasonably confident that these lists have not been compromised in
any way.

However, if anyone receives one of these messages, please let me know
at once at admin at bellringers.org. Obviously, do not in any
circumstances open the .zip file.

Those of you with programmable spam filters might like to add 'The
Bellringers Support Team' to the list of spam expressions.

John Camp
List administrator

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