[r-t] Attribution (was Seven Deadly Sins)

Hayden Charles hcharles at grandsire.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 23:24:53 UTC 2005

I probably don't need to remind people here that this is not such a 
recent problem:

'And now the question arises -- Can originality be maintained in the 
case of peal compositions, or must they, too, be considered as, so to 
speak, common property? Personally, I think that the time will come when 
the idea that every composition has a composer who has the right to put 
his name to it will have to be dropped.'

J. A. Trollope 'Variation and Transposition'

Text at http://www.ringing.info/v-and-t.html

On the other hand, Trollope's closing sentence is, 'Of course, when a 
man is able to get something really new like Mr. Law James's Spliced 
Surprise he is entitled to call it his own and to have all the credit 
for it.'

Hayden Charles

ALEXANDER HUNT wrote on 02/11/2005 20:36:
> Perhaps more useful than a composers name would be a serial number which
> cross references to the universal composition database I think you just
> offered to build.
> Alex.
> MBD said:
> Alex Hunt Said:
>>How can you ever be sure no-one else found it first.
> You are right that showing your composition is original is often harder than
> producing it in the first place.
> However, all this does is show up a lack in our ability to catalogue and
> search compositions. Someone ought to have sorted that out by now, shouldn't
> they? Why isn't there a website where you can go to check authorship of
> your compo? (What has the Peal Compositions Committee been playing at all
> these years??)

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