[r-t] Seven Deadly Sins

Benjamin Constant bd_constant at btinternet.com
Sat Oct 22 20:14:48 UTC 2005

> 1. Using BYROC.
> 2. Counting CRUs.
> ...
> 6. Attributing the peal to "comp. <MACHINE>" not "arr. <USER>".

I fail to see what's wrong with any of these.  I got BYROC to throw up the
following composition of Cornwall Surprise Major (which I'm planning to call
in a few weeks time for the farewell peal for our vicar and his wife who are
moving to Cornwall):-


23456   F  O  H  I  V
23645      -  -
54263      2     -  -
46253            -
32546   ss    2
34256      2     -
Twice repeated

Contains 96 CRUs including 24 each 56s & 65s;
12 each 8765, 8756, 1234, 4321 at the back;
24 each 5678 & 8765 off the front;
12 each 6578 & 8756 off the front.

I reckon it's pretty neat for a regular three-part.  There are only two
courses in the entire peal which don't generate CRUs or little-bell music or
5678 music.  The bobs-only construction (save for the two singles in each
part to split the tenors) makes the coursing orders easier to keep track of.

The composition was generated by BYROC.  All I did was to specify a few
parameters.  However, if I had written the software myself then I would
claim it as my own composition.

Ben Constant

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