[r-t] Trafalgar

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Sat Oct 22 21:09:19 UTC 2005

Samuel M. Austin said  on 21/10/2005 22:58:
> Who invented Trafalgar S. Major? What do you think about it Earis? Aye,  Sam

It was first rung at Fulney in 1963.

We rang the Max today. I like it. The coursing order is kept below the 
treble, and there is the full complement of runs of six or fewer at the 
back, so lots of little bell music (better than Yorkshire).

An unusual feature for a Surprise method is that when it extends, all of 
the additional internal places are made by the same three place bells, 
so the work of all but 7 place bells consists only of hunting and dodging.


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