[r-t] Seven Deadly Sins

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Oct 25 22:54:31 UTC 2005

Philip wrote:

> What, a bit like on http://www.changeringing.co.uk/cambridgefm.htm ?!

But this illustrates my point perfectly, Philip. Having run a search for all
tenors compositions for Cambridge Major, I could have published all 25,412
as Composed GACJ (less Middletons and few others). But what value would that
have brought the exercise. Instead, I carried out an analysis and published
the results. This means that conductors can understand the limits of
composition shape, lengths, and variety in music in the the method, and
other composers know that all compositions in this search space have already
been found, so they should concentrate their efforts elsewhere.


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