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Tue Oct 25 17:14:39 UTC 2005

>But where is the requirement to show compositional skill to claim
>authorship? Most composition involves a significant degree of trial and
>error, whether picking courses by hand or by typing a few calls into a
>proving program. If you are lucky, you get a good with a minimum of effort
>(e.g. DGH's "The Fluke" for London Royal).
To reinforce on my original point, by 'compositional skill' I meant to have 
generated the leadheads/courseheads yourself, whether by hand or by a 
computer program you have written. There may not be a requirement as 
such, but to my mind if you haven't done at least this then you shouldn't be 
claiming the composition.
I don't deny choosing/setting parameters can be very important - obviously 
the skill/difficulty involved is going to vary from working on a complicated 
one part atw peal of spliced at one extreme, to setting a few parameters 
in a BYROC generated peal of Yorkshire Major at the other extreme - the 
latter being the case I was originally referring to.
I just think that we shouldn't be confusing the process of composing with
editing out compositions from a search space that aren't worth ringing. 
Both are important, but they are different. When we compose manually,
most of us will instantly discard compositions we don't think are worth 
ringing automatically. However computers can't always do this, which is 
where we have the problem - they can only be as good as the parameters
>What is useful is labelling compositions with an author, because 
>seeing a peal published as "Gen BYROC" tells you absolutely nothing 
>about the composition, and no chance of looking it up anywhere. By 
>attaching your name to something and publishing it you are making an 
>implicit statement that says "I think that this composition is worth ringing, 
>and I commend it to others". How the composition was obtained is irrelevant.
I certainly agree that labelling all compositions with an author would be useful,
but in this case what you would effectively be saying is: "Composed by Me, 
except I didn't compose it". I think the ideal way of doing it would be to put 
"Comp: Me (BYROC)" or whatever, which shows the source of the composition 
but also means the composition could be traced if required.



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