[r-t] Seven Deadly Sins

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Tue Oct 25 23:08:19 UTC 2005

There are probably very few compositions produced nowadays without using 
a computer at all, if only to prove the finished article. And there's 
nothing to stop someone using Byroc to produce a random composition and 
saying they composed it themselves. I think therefore it should be up to 
the conscience of the composer to say whether to claim the composition 
as one of their own.

My view is that if you've put thought and work into a composition, then 
you can have some sort of claim over it. Sometimes I'll use Byroc or Elf 
to give me any old quick composition that's true. In this case I'll put 
"Gen. Elf" or something similar. Sometime however, I'll spend a long 
time experimenting with what I can get out of a method using one of 
these tools, and feeding back in parameters to get a composition that I 
like; in which case I'll claim some sort of compositional credit.


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