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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 12:22:39 UTC 2005

>If I may sum up this argument so far...

>Composition is the art of selecting what type of music you want in a
>composition, and where.  Then you generate some possible compositions, and
>pick the one that's best.

>Robert Lee:
>Composition is the art of working out what lead-end follows another one.  It
>doesn't matter what changes are in the composition, as long as you can write
>them out..
Where have I said it doesn't matter what changes you produce? And my point is 
in generating leadheads/courseheads, thereby producing compositions. 
I entirely agree with the MBD statement above. But the point in question is we have to 
have the ability to generate leadheads/courseheads in the first place. Whether we do 
this by hand, or using a program from Sausage Machine Compositions Ltd, it has to be 
done. If we can't do this, then we won't achieve anything.

>Who's the composer? Not the monkey. The compositional skill involved here is
>having the brilliant but simple idea that a two-part peal of London Royal
>might give you all that little-bell music.
Who has composed it then? You certainly haven't - you've picked a composition from a list.
The point is that without the monkey, you wouldn't have any compositions. It's one thing 
having a great idea in practice, it's another achieving a result. Composition is, by definition, 
about generating compositions. We gradually build on this basic theory, working up to 
the level that MBD describes of thinking about things like the optimal number of parts to have to generate maximum music, etc.
>There's no difference between me using my own program, and someone
>else using it.
Seeing as you wrote the program, surely the user should acknowledge that without 
it they wouldn't have achieved anything. But as Percy points out, this is down to individual
conscience. My personal viewpoint is that if you've used software, you should 
definitely be crediting it, in the form of "Comp: Me, using ABC software".

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