[r-t] Nelson's Victory

Matt Dawson mdd29 at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Sep 14 00:57:20 UTC 2005

> > ...and what's the betting more than one of them get
> > rung on Oct 21st? Who gets to claim the name?

>If more than one gets rung, presumably the peal that finishes first
>gets the name,

is this a type of situation in which a numbering system (similar to london 
and superlative royal) might be put into use? if so, does the methods 
committee have any say on who gets what number ie. are they similarly used 
in date order? i heard of a peal attempt at maidstone a few years back 
(which wasn't successful, unfortunately) of london no.5 surprise royal, but 
i'm not sure what the method was or how (if?) it beared any relation to 
london major.

sorry to get back onto the much maligned subject of extension, but i think 
we should be told.

>and the others enter into correspondance with the CC
>Methods Committee to pick alternative names, with all sorts of silly
>possibilities like "Nelson's Ship", "Nelson's Viktory", "Nelson's
>Victorie" or "Villeneuve's Defeat"?

well, he should never have joined sauber in the first place.


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