[r-t] Writtle, etc.

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Tue Apr 18 12:40:01 UTC 2006

Hi All

Whilst negotiating the roundabout on the B6386 and A6097 on the way to 
practice last night, I realised that, for some occult reason, I had put 
Writtle Surprise everywhere, instead of Writtle Treble Bob - many apologies.

Thanks for agreeing with me publicly Eddie. I sometimes feel like changing 
my name to Cassandra.

Answer to exercise for yesterday - doing a PB7 to S. Oxford Minor seems to 
give eight blows at the back. This was, you may remember, why the MUG 
360-Spliced had to be withdrawn. (Actually, they only had six, but it's 
still >4)

Best wishes

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