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The point was that any 5088 could potentially be reduced by this. This was
not restricting it to Yorkshire. Therefore Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Pudsey
and Superlative would also work. However, Lyme as one example would not
allow this.

The more interesting question is - can the Maximus version be called
Yorkshire Alliance?


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Hi All

In this weeks RW, Richard Allton, when reviewing Don Morrison's Yorkshire 
composition and the device he uses, says 'Don't forget to get it checked 

Prima facie, this seems unnecessary. Yorkshire Alliance simply cuts out the 
two changes at the half-lead. Isn't it the case therefore that all 
compositions to Yorkshire Surprise will be true using this splice, unless 
half-lead calls are involved in the lead where the Alliance is being rung? 
Use 44 leads of the Alliance and you end up with 5000.

Contradictory examples welcomed! (Confirmation, too)

Best wishes,

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