[r-t] Plain Bob Triples Calling Positions

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>On 8/1/06, Julian Parker <juliancparker at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> The juxta position of Wrong & Middle for Plain Bob
>> Triples is in line with the Wrong (6ths) & Middle
>> (5ths) in Grandsire Triples.
>> Julian
>By the position pf 7 at the lead ends yes, but, anyone calling W M H
>in Grandsire Triples, expecting to have the same result as in Plain
>Bob Major, is in for a shock
>More to the point, conductors used to the effects of bobs at WM H in
>Bob Major might well be misled  if the notation used for Bob Triples
>is applied NOT to the effect on the coursing order but to the position
>of the 7 at the lead end (for W read M, for M read W)
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