[r-t] Plain Bob Triples Calling Positions

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Wed Aug 2 09:17:24 UTC 2006

EM: "By the position pf 7 at the lead ends yes, but, anyone calling W M 
H in Grandsire Triples, expecting to have the same result as in Plain
Bob Major, is in for a shock."

Quite. Does anyone *really* call Grandsire using WMH calling positions? 
(apart from maybe a handful of short touches).

I suspect that the vast majority conductors would consider the first 
lead end of PB7 to be the wrong. If the RW diary is going to favour 
some nominal consistency over common sense and run contrary to this, it 
should at least keep the method section consistent with the peal 
compositions section. 


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