[r-t] Bastow / Cloister

Mr Philip Saddleton freepabs at freeuk.com
Fri Feb 3 15:25:02 UTC 2006

Ben Willetts writes: 

> Percy:
>> I believe [Cloister] is a logical extention of Bastow little bob
> Depends what you call 'logical'!  :-)  Bastow is an even-bell method where
> there is one hunt bell, hunting to 2nds and back.  Cloister is an odd-bell
> method where there are two hunt bells, hunting to 3rds and back.  So yes, it
> does seem logical, although it doesn't fit the CC definition of an
> extension.

Yes it does - that is why it has the same name. 

>> I can't think of any other methods where dodges turn
>> to double dodges on higher stages.
> The double dodge is caused by two hunt bells turning round in the middle of
> the change, instead of just one.  You probably can't think of any other
> methods like this because there are very few Little methods rung, and even
> fewer where the twin-hunt 'extension' has been rung too.  Consider the
> 'extension' of Little Bob Minor to Triples -- -- there
> is a double-dodge in 6-7 as the two hunt bells turn round in 5ths.

Little Grandsire. 

Decision (G)E.3(a): 

Grandsire, Double Grandsire, Reverse Grandsire and Little Grandsire are the 
twin-hunt extensions of Plain Bob, Double Bob, Reverse Bob and Little Bob 
respectively to the next higher stage, although strictly Plain Bob at odd 
stages (Grandsire at even stages) is a different method from Plain Bob at 
even stages (Grandsire at odd stages). 

Though Little Grandsire Triples has never been rung in a peal, and so 
doesn't appear in the CC collection. Little Grandsire Caters goes back a 
long way, but unfortunately the first peal in the method was recently found 
to be false. 


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