[r-t] Bastow / Cloister

Mr Philip Saddleton freepabs at freeuk.com
Fri Feb 3 16:54:26 UTC 2006

Stephen Penney writes: 

> PABS: "Yes it does - that is why it has the same name." 
> What do you mean "has the same name"? It's not in the method libriaries 
> as (presumably and unsurprisingly), no one's rung a peal of it.

The libraries do however contain 

Bastow Little Bob Minimus
Bastow Little Bob Doubles
Bastow Little Bob Minor
Bastow Little Bob Major
Bastow Little Bob Caters
Bastow Little Bob Royal
Bastow Little Bob Cinques
Bastow Little Bob Maximus 

You ought to be able to work out what the Triples would be. 

> There's that Nigel Newton composition that splices it with Erin - was 
> that ever rung? If so why wasn't it recorded as a "new" method? 

It was rung, but described as Erin, with a bob that took place over five 
changes. I think that Spliced is a more accurate description. 


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