[r-t] Tittums

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Mon Feb 13 21:10:35 UTC 2006

> P.S. Mark - I hope you don't mind me publishing...!

Not at all, Alex. There are some 6000 & 6048s on compositions.org.uk along 
the same lines, too. I seem to remember they were for a practice peal you 
never needed in the end!

I like the LB Tittums (Co 65432 and 23456) a lot, but these Bristol comps 
didn't make much use of them even in the BB-Tittums, which Philip will be 
disappointed with.

However, the main aim of my arrangement was to reduce the number of "duffer 
courses", i.e. courses without LB runs or 56 rollups. There are only 10 
duffer leads in the 5040, which is about the best you can get and still have 
variety of LB stuff I think.

Philip's arrangements are very elegant and capitalise on the LB Tittums, but 
at the expense of more duffer leads. I may have a look and see if I can 
improve on him at some point. :-)


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