[r-t] Tittums

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Feb 14 00:21:46 UTC 2006

> Philip's arrangements are very elegant and capitalise on the LB Tittums, 
> but
> at the expense of more duffer leads. I may have a look and see if I can
> improve on him at some point. :-)

Bring it on, baby!

Tonight was the Society of Cambridge Youths AGM. After being inspired by 
recent emails on here, David Pipe spent his time productively, thinking 
noble thoughts about big tittums. He came up with the following supremely 
elegant composition:

3984 Bristol Maximus

O   I   234567890ET
10      342567890ET
18      453627890ET
16      564738290ET
14      675849302ET
    14  2345T6E7089
    16  234567T8E90
    18  23456789T0E
    10  234567890ET

The figures refer to the type of bob. O is an 'out' for the tenor, I is an 
'in' for the 2nd.  Ideal for handbells - all pairs are either in their home 
position or coursing.

It's gorgeous, and so simple in the way it works.  A 10ths place bob 'out' 
turns the coursing order from the plain course to the tittums style 432. 
This effect is repeated with appropriate bobs every course until 
mega-tittums is obtained.  The effect is then reversed with the inverse bobs 
in the second half.  The composition can be padded out at will.  Neat or 
what? Also a beautiful example of where ahving lots of different types of 
call can be the most elegant solution.

I'm almost tempted to organise an attempt of this... 

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