[r-t] 'New' ideas in Bristol Royal: the magnificent six

Philip Earis Earisp at rsc.org
Mon Jan 30 09:20:58 UTC 2006

I see from David Hull's website
(http://www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/~dgh/comps.htm) that he's put a new
composition of Bristol Royal online:

5120 Bristol Surprise (no.11)
 43652        M
 357924680    SM.SW.W.S3rds.SH
 627384950    1.2.4    (4)
 023547698    1.2.4.S8 (8)
(543267890)   S7.8.12
(24356)       SW
(56342)       SM.W
 34562        SM.SW.W.M
 53462        H
 65432        W
 23456        7ths.S7ths.SM

 First rung at Birmingham St Paul 21.1.2006

Now this composition is very interesting, as it is one of the first
examples containing the rounds -> queens transpositions.

Basically, if on 10 bells you transpose rounds to queens and repeat the
transposition, you get back to rounds in six awesome steps - the
magnificent six:

1234567890 (rounds)
1357924680 (queens)
1594837260 (reverse tittums)
1987654320 (reverse rounds)
1864297530 (reverse queens)
1627384950 (tittums)
1234567890 (rounds)
You can also factor in the 9 cyclic transpositions, giving a peal on a
54 part plan. A few years ago I was convinced that compositions on this
plan will take the world by storm, and I'm still convinced today. Once
you ring something like that with a decent method, you'll see why. It's
great to have you on board, David.

The only previous compositions on this plan involve the beautiful music
box that is Double Resurrection Cyclic Bob Royal, as well as two
gorgeous Erin Caters compositions that can be seen on Ander Holroyd's
website (http://www.math.ubc.ca/~holroyd/comps/#9).  The Resurrection
compositions can be seen on my website
(http://ringing.8bit.co.uk/nextgen.html), along with new ideas of
incorporating the music into peals of 'conventional' Pipe cyclic 6
spliced maximus.

David's Bristol Royal composition uses the very short and sweet linking
block (1.2.4) a couple of times to get between the magnificent six.  The
only drawback is that this 'jumps' four steps, meaning that you'll only
get three of the six transpositions if you keep repeating it. 

I look forward to seeing what else people can come up with on this plan.


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