[r-t] Changes to decisions again

Stephen Penney stephen at ucalegon.com
Tue Jan 24 12:15:03 UTC 2006

MBD: "And it's worse than that - even if a method is "allowed" by the 
MC, we have to put up with their bizarre and unnatural classification 
system (e.g. "differential hunters" - and don't say they're an oddity 
because lots of Doubles ringers ring them now!)."

I really don't have a problem with this, providing the decisions are 
reasonably comprehensible so that if I ring something I can see which 
category it will fal in to. 
The biggest problem in my opinion is that if I ring something that 
doesn't fall into any of their categories then I'm told that I haven't 
rung a peal (Due to D.A.11). What I'd want is for the methods committee 
to invent me a new category which they feel is appropriate, hopefully 
after consulting me on how the method was rung and how other similar 
methods might look in the future.


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