[r-t] Tintinnalogia / CC Decisions

edward martin edward.w.martin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 11:49:28 UTC 2006

oops, I hit the 'send' button before adding that only last week on
change ringers' I had pointed out that instead of Grandsire singles
one could use jump changes. I gave an example of JJParker's 12 part

I got this reply from one Alex Byrne:

"mew: Some people object to using common singles in Grandsire - the
alternative Holt's in-course single is diabolical but has anyone ever tried
a jump change?

Common single = objectionable
Holt's single = diabolical
Jump change = ??
 Surely, on a family list such as this, the correct words can't be used.
 Or is it April 1st again?


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