[r-t] Decisions

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Mon Jun 19 09:59:01 UTC 2006

As regards PJE, it reminds me almost exactly of the nonsense put forward 10
years ago in favour of Variable Cover which, as we can all see from the
figures, is not rung these days. My view on this is quite simple - is it
worth taking up time for something which will disappear so soon?

Wasn't Tintinnalogia by Duckworth, not Stedman? Stedman, in Campanalogia,
requests the abandonment of Plain Change peals. Are these the
'ground-breaking extents' PJE refers to? Or would he like to ring Tendring?

Barrie - just as well we haven't got Isaac Newton on the list, isn't it?

Eddie - you may be right about Variable Cover, but this reminds me that
Variable Hunt is mentioned. Once agaion, this is one of those things revived
to great fanfares 30 years ago, which, once again, very rarely appears.

I suggest PJE needs rusticating (in the correct sense of the word) for a
couple of years. Our local band could always use a third who's solid in
Cambridge Minor.

Is there a problem waiting to see whether something becomes popular, rather 
than jumping on the Decision bandwagon immediately? The solution would be a 
simple Decision to formally allow the recording of 'new' developments as 
they arise and to give a breathing space to see whether they take off.

Best wishes

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