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previous generations didn't think like this and decided that  5000 was enough
on 8 bells and above. I'm not sure where quarterpeals fit  into the factorial
family either.

In terms of Surprise Maximus ringing 5280 was the norm until it was  realised 
that a course could be shortened.   So here was the case of a  peal not 
having anything to do with an extent , then being shortened by a device  which was 
not approved of by many ringers, and which gained full acceptance with  time.  
 Even after the first 5042's were rung they were for several  years regarded 
as suitable only for Thursday night peals and full 10 courses  were rung on 
saturdays.  So 5000 was not seen as the peal length in those  days.
I have been one of Grahams silent majority so far so feel I should state  
that I support grahams proposals.
Perhaps the most radical idea I support is that the CC should be a  recording 
body for historical purposes ( record all that is rung) rather than a  body 
which expresses opinions on the worth of what is rung.  Although I  like the 
buzz of whizzing around in Avon on a practice I still enjoy ringing  peals in 
one or two new methods with cambridge above and BDGK falseness each  year.
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