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Fri Mar 31 14:44:07 UTC 2006

Have just joined the group.
I read in the archives of a recent question regading an arrangement of
Holt's original for the 11 twin hunt triples methods.
I don't see how this could be
If 'Grandsire bobs' are to be used, then these 11 methods divide into two
groups according to what place is made at a plain lead - ie when treble is
in 2-1 about to lead full. Thus there is the Grandsire group, where the
plain = 7ths and the Oxford group where the plain = 5ths.
Calling Grandsire bobs involves a five-member q-set for 7ths place methods
(as used in Holt's original) but involves a 3-member q-set for the Oxford
group. Obviously a comp for a method from one group cannot work for any
method from the other.

 Without using singles which alter the flow of + & - rows, and allowing for
the different lead sequences, I believe that any touch or peal to  a method
of either group has a fair chance of being true to all in that group. In the
case of  touches, different lengths will occur according to whatever the
lead sequence happens to be, also there is a possibility of the same rows
overlapping, but  I have found that if no one course is entered more than
twice, then this solved the problem  and there are 'universal' comps

It is possible to splice methods from the two groups and produce touches &
peals of pure triples using nothing more than  Grandsire bobs and change of
method. This was first discovered by A.J.Pitman He called his own
composition  at Bridgend on January 27 1926. being 2520 Single Oxford (rung
when 2,3,4 were in the hunt) and 2520 Grandsire (rung when 5,6 & 7 were in
the hunt. There are several variations & substitutions but not too many
original peal comps I believe that this comp by Pitman's  was adapted  for
the peal of 14 twin hunt methods.

I've done a considerable amoount of work on this stuff and must take the
time to get it all together & maybe offer it as a web page.

Eddie Martin

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