[r-t] Simple Principles

Ted Steele ted.steele at tesco.net
Sun Nov 26 11:25:00 UTC 2006

Thanks to those who responded to my enquiries about even bell principles 
and for compositions. I guess that simple constructions such as those 
will always be considered from time to time and the fact they have never 
really caught on for general ringing is perhaps evidence enough of their 
limitations. I do however think that some simple principles have real 
value. I have wondered why our composition and method design is so 
focused on longer lengths when a key part of our ringing is the shorter 
service touch, which one would hope would be musical. For many bands 
simplicity is also a good policy in service ringing.

The simple principle, Saturn that is rung on five ( seems to me 
to offer excellent musical possibilities on higher numbers and has the 
virtues (for short service touches) of musicality, simplicity and 
brevity. Using bobs and singles alone (made as in Stedman) there appears 
to be plenty of scope for compositions. For caters and above the 
introduction of an extra call made in 5ths at the section end adds extra 
scope for getting musical short touches. I have played around with this 
on Abel with some pleasing results and wonder what others think.


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