[r-t] Doubles question

Philip Saddleton pabs-ant at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 17:51:19 UTC 2006

Martin Bright said  on 16/10/2006 11:18:
> I've received an email asking what bobs and/or singles should be used
> for Cippenham Bob Doubles (&, lead end 123).  It's irregular
> with lead head 15423.  Do any Doubles experts out there know what would
> be conventional?
> Thanks
> Martin
The standard calls for symmetrical Plain Doubles methods are those that 
only affect the places made when the hunt bell is leading. 
Conventionally these are
1: Omit
125: Extreme
123: Single
145: Bob

Of course, at most three of these are possible, as one is always the 
plain lead. Calls that merely change the length of a course are not 
permitted, so a bob is out in this case.

The only possible extents are those mentioned by Fred, i.e. pppx or opox 
three times (mix and match).


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