[r-t] 42 different extents

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Mon Sep 4 21:23:21 UTC 2006

Groups E and F (the ones with lh1 and cyclic lead heads) have plenty of 
potential. With bobs and singles and excluding rotations and reversals 
there are

Two palindromic three parts (plus one with no plain leads) = 8
Two asymmetric two parts = 24
Six palindromic one parts = 72
Four asymmetric one parts = 96

Giving 200 extents with two types of call and a plain lead in each.


Samuel M. Austin said  on 04/09/2006 17:14:
> Morning, has a peal been rung of a single doubles method in which every 
> extent was a different calling?
> Aye
> Sam

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