[r-t] 42 different extents

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Tue Sep 5 18:42:01 UTC 2006

Samuel M. Austin said  on 05/09/2006 14:05:
> Is 42 different extents possible with only one type of call?

>> From: Philip Saddleton <pabs at cantab.net>
>> Groups E and F (the ones with lh1 and cyclic lead heads) have plenty of
>> potential. With bobs and singles and excluding rotations and reversals
>> there are
>> Two palindromic three parts (plus one with no plain leads) = 8

One bobs only, one singles only

>> Two asymmetric two parts = 24

bobs and singles

>> Six palindromic one parts = 72

Two bobs only, two singles only, two bobs and singles

>> Four asymmetric one parts = 96

all bobs and singles

So 28 each bobs only and singles only.


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