[r-t] 8 bell cyclic callings

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Tue Aug 21 13:51:45 UTC 2007

> Good stuff. I'd be interested to see how the Excel spreadsheet works?
>   Rob

Just by calculating the effect of each call on the coursing order, and
then checking to see whether the final coursing order produced by all
combinations of 2/3/4 calls matches against one of the 7 cyclic coursing

It's a bit of a sledge-hammer approach and could easily be tidied up a lot
(I'm sure it's the kind of thing that could be done better with a couple
of lines of coding).

Anyway, I've attached the spreadsheet (though I've deleted the worksheet
calculating the 4-call results, as this took up lots of space).  If
anything's unclear please ask.
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