[r-t] Quarter Peal of Call Changes

Rob Weatherby bobthefatman at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 1 06:54:07 UTC 2007

Hey, I am rob a young ringer from sydney who is trying to encourage and help ringers expand their knowledge in my local tower. Every year sydney hosts an anual ringing school to help all ringers from anywhere and of any level. The idea was to ring a quarter peal of the 10 bells at my tower of call changes, with mainly ringers that would not be able to normaly ring an quarter peal due to their lack of experence in methods, which hopefuly could be a motivating factor that could push their skills and mental beliefs of their capabilities, because they were able to ring a quarter peal. I have talked to a few people on this idea and how it should be structured and so far the construction plan is to have myself and another ringer co-call it where he would call some changes for 10-15mins and bring it back, and i would do the same till we rung for about 50mins. This is the current idea and are wondering on any suggestions or ideas. Aswell as should we aim to space the calls every x handstrokes, or could we aim for something but if a change doesn't work straight away and, allow the band to sort themselves before moving on.

Rob Weatherby
Ringer from Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney
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