[r-t] Quarter Peal of Call Changes

Ben Willetts ben at benjw.org.uk
Sat Dec 1 16:06:58 UTC 2007

Rob Weatherby:
> The idea was to ring a quarter peal of the 10 bells at my tower of call
> changes

Sounds like a good idea, Rob.  As you say, it will probably help to
encourage your inexperienced ringers.

There aren't really any rules for this sort of thing, and it's done so
infrequently -- especially on ten bells -- that there isn't really any usual 
way of doing it, either.   I'd suggest that the way you can most make it 
resemble a method-ringing quarter-peal would be to think up a 'composition' 
for the changes beforehand, then make the calls at fixed intervals.  If you 
call every fifth handstroke, you'll need about 125 calls in your 

However, the RW often records bands ringing, say, "45 minutes of 
call-changes", so it's clear that your other suggestion (of just ringing a 
few changes until a certain time has elapsed) is also accepted.  So just go 
for what you think is best!  :-)


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