[r-t] The 5056

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Wed Dec 5 04:19:19 UTC 2007

On Dec 3, 2007 12:35 PM, Mark Davies <mark at snowtiger.net> wrote:
> Contains:
>   72 5678/8765 front and back
>   20(23) 6578 back
>   134 LB4
>   40 LB5

What's the "(23)" mean in the above?

Also, I think you can claim a few more little bell rollups than you
do: if by LB4 you mean any runs of 4 consecutive bells at the back or
front other than 5678/8765 I think it's actually 136, not 134.
Presumably the two not counted in the 134 are the two handstroke 4567s
off the front. I would have figured you weren't counting 4567/7654s,
but you do appear to count  the 34567 off the front in your LB5s,

It really is a lovely construction. Besides being undoubtedly pleasant
to ring, it's easily memorable: one quick run through of how it fits
together and it's implanted in the memory pretty well!

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