[r-t] Double extent of major

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Wed Dec 5 09:40:29 UTC 2007

"Spliced isn't hard either, but you'd need to think of it as you would 
normally think of minor rather than major -- i.e.
think in terms of course splices, 3 lead splices, grid splices, etc...if you 
want spliced, what are your requirements?  What sort of methods do you want 
(and how many).  Do you want it atw?"

So can some clever person please produce of list of various treble-dodging 
major course splices, 3 lead spliced, grid splices, etc? I guess there's 
huge scope for Kent / Oxford places varients, etc, but I'm really after more 
subtle things than that.

I think the ultimate aim would be to take a (single) extent of Derwent 
Surprise Major, and apply various clever splices to it until it turned into 
a varied atw 180-spliced 40320 that didn't look like mucked-about Derwent. 
In other words use an intelligent top-down approach to the problem.

Great would be your reward... 

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