[r-t] The 5056

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Fri Dec 7 23:13:52 UTC 2007

Rob Lee writes,

> Sorry to reply to myself, but while walking home I had a flash of
> inspiration on how the inelegant finish can be avoided - by reversing the
> composition....

I've been having a look at your composition Rob, and it's very impressive.
I'm not too familiar with the Bristol s5/s4 genre - but I'm sure this must
be competitive with anything else out there in the field.

I think you are right about the start/finish - whichever way you arrange it
you have one bad course (bit like my 5026 comps incidentally - I call this
"one duffer syndrome" and in most cases is unavoidable). You also have
reduced LB counts (e.g. 104 LB4 only, and no 53462 or 2453/3542 courses),
mostly I think because of increased back-bell combinations, e.g. you have
included part-courses of non-LB 65xxx and xxx65 courses where I would have
rejected them. Not to say that is necessarily bad, but my preference is for
a different balance of LB/BB music.

I wonder if the basic plan can be optimised to remove or reduce the duffer
course? I might try and have a look, but currently I'm investigating a
different sort of split tenors arrangement, most brain and computer power
taken up with that!

It's quite remarkable that Bristol Major composition has so much life left
in it, isn't it.


P.S. Nearly forgot - you are missing a M in the last course of the reversed 

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