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Robert Lee rlee5040 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 01:09:04 UTC 2007

  >I've been having a look at your composition Rob, and it's very impressive.
>I'm not too familiar with the Bristol s5/s4 genre - but I'm sure this must
>be competitive with anything else out there in the field.
  I deliberately used the term 'arrangement', as others have previously used 
  the s5/s4 as a means of joining together the 5678/8765 courses. I like the 
  transition between the 8765's and the 23564/35642 courses and 
  felt it fit in particularly well with your plan, from the point of view of 
  minimising calls, increasing whole courses and spreading the music.
  >You also have reduced LB counts (e.g. 104 LB4 only, and no 53462 or 2453/3542 
>courses), mostly I think because of increased back-bell combinations, e.g. you 
>have included part-courses of non-LB 65xxx and xxx65 courses where I would have
>rejected them. Not to say that is necessarily bad, but my preference is for
>a different balance of LB/BB music.
  It's subjective at this stage - on eight, I'd aim to prioritise (as much as 
  possible) 5678/8765 runs before little bell runs, simply because these form a 
  pure tetrachord which I find more musically satisfying. Of course 1234's/4321's 
  also do but it's not productive to aim for a substantial quantity of these.
  I do agree with your comment about the part courses of non-LB 56/65 courses. 
  They are there more due to the headache of trying to complete the jigsaw of blocks 
  as neatly as I could than anything else - I would happily have rejected some of 
  these part courses in favour of other stuff, and hopefully this plan can be optimised 

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