[r-t] Stedman Doubles derivative

grahamfeeney at bulldoghome.com grahamfeeney at bulldoghome.com
Sun Feb 11 11:35:45 UTC 2007

Hello All

I've been playing with Abel and whilst trying to get the place notation
for Reverse Stedman in, I accidentally wound up with a slightly different

1z &

This is not the same as Reverse Stedman Doubles as the 'lead end' is 1. 
I've been able to give it a single (123) and can get a true 120 using
Stedman 120 (1/5) as given in Abel.

I cannot find a match for this in the archives and our local expert
thought that it was worth putting out to ask opinions about whether the
principle is unrung.


Graham Feeney, Cardiff

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