[r-t] London Major

Alex Byrne alex.byrne at btinternet.com
Thu Jan 11 14:00:20 UTC 2007

Following Ian Fielding's comments, how about a peal of London Major alone
(i.e. every lead end 'x')? Preferably with just one type of call and
certainly no more than two.
My most esteemed friend MBD and I reckoned this was very difficult (arguably
impossible) without exploring an unfeasibly large search-space when we
considered it a few years ago. I'd be very happy to be corrected though.
Better would be to use an a-group '38.12.38'-across-the-lead-end method,
such as Otford (my favourite London-over method for what it's worth), so
that you get the treble in the 'right' place in the coursing order (in the
plain course). Would anyone like to have a go at this one too?
Thanks in advance -
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