[r-t] Spliced Surprise Major problem

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Fri Jan 5 16:54:34 UTC 2007

Philip wrote:

2) Can you get a version with only one treble-changing single per-part?

Why less changes of hunt bell? A few years ago we rang the composition below
in the standard 8 (I know it's the standard 8 Philip, but it is what we
did). The more changes of hunt bell made it more interesting - especially
when the bell in the hunt in the Superlative towards the end came out of the
hunt and had forgotten which method the rest of us were ringing. It is
cyclic too!

Richard Allton

5120 Spliced Surprise Major in 8 methods
   12345678 Cambridge
   15738264 London
   13527486 Cambridge
 x 71583642 Bristol
   78165234 Cambridge
   75314826 Pudsey
   74236581 Rutland
 x 37541268 Bristol
   34725816 Bristol
 x 43278516 Rutland
   47352681 Lincolnshire
 x 24387165 Yorkshire
 x 72364518 Yorkshire
 x 47312856 Pudsey
 x 24357681 Bristol
 x 42536781 Yorkshire
   46851273 London
   45628317 Superlative
 x 84615732 Superlative
 x 58634271 Lincolnshire
 x 45678123
8 part. x = 3456.
1024 Bristol; 768 Cambridge, Yorkshire; 512 Lincolnshire, London, 
Pudsey, Rutland, Superlative. 135 com, all the work, 88 changes of hunt

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