[r-t] parity

Glenn Taylor gaataylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 20:15:30 UTC 2007

It is most curious that I bothered to keep a copy of the article, as I
couldn't ring evern the treble to a touch of PB5 at the time.

I can't comment on the latter point above but, personally speaking, I
started ringing in 1973 and soon developed an interest in composition. This
was in the wilds of East Lancashire where there were few conductors and
absolutely nobody, so it seemed, who could answer my many questions about
different aspects of composition (Footnote: it was only later that I
discovered that I had learnt to ring in the same branch as Norman Smith
although he had given up ringing by the time I was learning. Richard J
Parker was also local but he was rarely seen at local ringing). I remember
once collaring Harold Chant and asking loads of questions at an association
training day where he was doing a session of something or other and I even
once went to the Oxford DG training course as a helper in order to get some
one-to-one from Jim Diserens.

So what...

Because of this I always photocopied anything in the RW about theory,
understandable or not, in the belief that one day it might come in useful
and so your doing something similar (hunting the treble notwithstanding)
does not seem odd in any way to me. At university I was a York Minster
ringer and they had RWs going back to 1950-ish and so I borrowed several
years' worth at the end of every term in order to go through them for
anything interesting theory-wise that had been published before I began


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