[r-t] False Course Heads

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Tue Mar 13 15:28:00 UTC 2007

ringing-theory-bounces at bellringers.net wrote on 13/03/2007 15:07:56:

> Does anybody know of any websites that tell you the false course 
> heads for any given Treble Dodging method.
> I want to compose a peal of Bedwardine Surprise Major with the false
> course heads of that method at my disposal.
> Wilfrid. G Wilson's chapters on the subject have done nothing to 
> help and have only made my head spin.
> Richard Pullin. _______________________________________________




Wilfred Wilson uses a different naming system for fchs to what is 
used now, so be careful.

Andrew Johnson

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