[r-t] False Course Heads

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 15:31:25 UTC 2007

Richard P wrote:
> Does anybody know of any websites that tell you the false course heads for
any given Treble Dodging method.
> I want to compose a peal of Bedwardine Surprise Major with the false
course heads of that method at my disposal.
> Wilfrid. G Wilson's chapters on the subject have done nothing to help and
have only made my head spin.
Bedwardine has fch BDad. I am not aware of a web based calculator, but
MethodMaster will do this for you if your method is not listed in the CC
collections. If you want an explanation of how to derive fchs, try John
Leary's "A Handbook of Composition" published by the Central Council in
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